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Apply it Right


Splashing the face with fresh water prior to application primes the skin for hydration and allows for a translucent, even layer of moisturizer to absorb.


1) Splash Face with Fresh Water to prime for hydration

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2) Take a Pea Sized Amount, a little goes a long way. Since every face is unique, try a little more and a little less to find your perfect level of hydration*

3) Rub/Warm between Damp Hands for 1-2 seconds till translucent then gently apply to the neck and face

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5) Allow 3-5 Minutes to Absorb & Air Dry prior to sunblock or makeup

*For example, use a little more than a Pea sized amount of moisturizer for Dry skin and a little less for Oily. Using more than needed will feel “heavy” or cause the moisturizer to lightly “peel”