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Don't worry. We got this.


You Revitalizing Facial Cream will be smooth & creamy
and light on your skin. Not so? No problem! 

Below are easy solves that will get you back to glowing.

Don't see your solve? Contact us at hello@ktchnapothecary.com and we'll fix it together.

My facial cream's consistency feels too firm. 

Once your facial cream has cooled to room temperature, simply take your Steel Whisk and whip your facial cream in your Cobalt Blue Jar for 10 seconds. This will transform your facial cream to a Soft & Silky consistency. The best part is your facial cream will stay soft so there's no need to whip it again!

My facial cream feels heavy or is "peeling" or "pilling" up on my skin. 

UNLIKE OTHER facia cream, YOU DON'T NEED TO SEE IT ON YOUR SKIN FOR IT TO WORK. less facial cream, rub between hands prior to applying, and skin freshly splashed with water when applying will do the trick. Follow the steps in the hydrate perfectly guide.

It feels like there are little "beads" in my facial cream. 

Take a small amount of facial cream and rub It between your thumb and forefinger. Are there little yellow dots?

If so, the Natural Beeswax didn’t melt fully. No problem! Simply pour your facial cream from your Cobalt Blue Jar to the Glass Beaker. Bring 1 inch of water in a pot/pan to a boil and turn to lowest setting.

1) Place Beaker in the hot water (like Step 1 in Mixing Guide). 2) Gently stir with Steel Whisk for 3-4 mins until reliquified (like Step 2 of Mixing Guide)
3) Remove beaker from heat, whisk for 15-30 seconds to recombine (like Step 3), return to jar. Perfect!