Hydrate perfectly.


When is the best time to hydrate a vase of flowers? Before the water vanishes.

The same is true when hydrating your skin.

For transformative results, always apply your facial cream to wet skin. This primes your skin for hydration & allows a translucent layer of facial cream to soak deep into the skin.


1) Start with freshly cleansed skin. Splash Face with Water to prime for hydration (water droplets still visible on skin)

1 Drop of Facial Cream


(About the size of a Dime)

2 drops of facial cream


(About the size of a Penny)


2) Shake bottle 1-2 seconds then dispense, a little goes a long way*

3) Gently rub between damp fingers. Start at your neck, gently press Facial Cream onto skin moving up towards the forehead

Allow facial cream to absorb

4) Allow 3-5 Minutes to Air Dry prior to applying sunblock or makeup

Apply 2x daily

5) apply 2x daily for 24-hours of continuous hydration & healthier-looking, more youthful skin that glows