Ktchn Apothecary Partners

You've asked for it. And now it's here. Introducing Ktchn Apothecary Partners. Help your friends & followers discover hand-crafted, freshly-made skincare and get rewarded.



Earn 4.1X More

Earn 20% Cash Commission on Every Qualified Referral's 1st Order!

(That's up to 4.1X more than other affiliate programs)



We'll Donate 10% of the proceeds from Every Qualified Referral's 1st Order to help Animals in Need.



Easy Breezy

Share your unique Ktchn Apothecary Partner link and we'll take care of the rest!

Our state-of-the-art Partner software is set up in minutes, seamlessly tracks all of your qualified referral orders, & provides you with an up-to-date success dashboard.



More Rewarding

Be the 1st to try New Products, Enjoy a 30% OFF Partner Discount on your personal skincare, & more!


Ktchn Apothecary Partner is available by invitation.


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+ What is a Qualified Order?

Qualified Orders are 1st time purchases made by customers who are new to Ktchn Apothecary (have not previously purchased a Ktchn Apothecary product) and whose purchase falls within the 30-Days of being referred by you.

+ What is the 30-Day Referral Window?

This refers to the amount of time from which your referral clicking on your unique Ktchn Apothecary Partner Link and making a purchase on our shop page.

+ How much Commission can I earn?

You’ll earn 20% Cash on the net sales of all Qualified Orders (less any tax, shipping, and discounts). For example, let's say a referral’s 1st order is for 1 Revitalizing Facial Cream Kit ($40) + 1 Renewing Eye Serum ($31.75) + Deluxe Sample Collection ($19) for a total of $90.75, you'll Earn $18.15 Cash & raise $9+ for Animals in Need!

+ Is there a limit to how much Cash Commission I can earn?

The sky’s the limit! While our Partner program is active, you'll continue to earn commission for all of your Qualified Orders. So keep spreading the word!

+ Can I donate my Cash Commission to a charity?

Absolutely & gosh that's kind of you!

+ How do you track my Qualified Orders?

You will be given a unique Ktchn Apothecary Partner Link to share. All customer traffic to our site using your Ktchn Apothecary Partner Link will be associated with you and all Qualified Orders made will be credited to your Partner Account.

+ How do I see the amount of Ktchn Apothecary Website Visits and Qualified Order my referrals have made?

Simple! You'll be given a unique login which will display a personalized dashboard off all of the Ktchn Apothecary Website Visits and Qualified Orders made from your referrals.

+ When are Partner commission payouts made?

Payouts are made within 45 days after a qualifying purchase is made.

+ If someone Returns their Kit or Cancels their order, do I still receive a Cash Commission?

Unfortunately not since the commission is made from the sale of the product.

+ How are Partner Cash Commission payouts made?

Payouts are securely made using PayPal.

+ Do I earn Cash Commission on purchases I make for my personal use?

Instead of a commission, you’ll enjoy a deep 30% OFF Ktchn Apothecary Partner discount on your personal purchases.

+ Who is eligible to join Ktchn Apothecary Partner?

Program membership is available on an invitation basis. We look for Partners who embody the Ktchn Apothecary brand & mission to make beauty better.

+ Have another question or need assistance?

We're always here to help at Hello@MakeBeautyBetter.com