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It all started with a dog named George.


George loves to give face kisses. Promise, I'm going somewhere with this. One morning, right after putting on my department store facial moisturizer, I got a particularly large George kiss. My face now wet with dog slobber, I wondered, "What's in my facial moisturizer and will George be ok?"


Water, Nylon-12, Polyethylene


"So, 2 kinds of plastic and whole lot of water? Why am I putting that on my face!” I threw my moisturizer away and set out to find something better.

I searched for alternatives but found that everything was pretty much the same: packed with chemicals and watered down (up to 75% water and chemicals in fact). Why were all these chemicals and fillers in there? To lower manufacturer cost and achieve a long shelf-life up to 2 years.

I realized that if I went the DIY route and made my moisturizer fresh, I wouldn't need all of the chemicals. What I didn't realize was that when you make your moisturizer fresh it's up to 3x more concentrated so you get dramatically better results

After two years of research, experimenting with over 200 recipes I found a recipe that made my skin look amazing — my face was noticeably brighter and smoother than ever before. I instantly became a DIY believer.

But traditional DIY skincare was like making a Thanksgiving dinner every 30 days – incredibly inconvenient and quite an undertaking. I wanted anyone to be able to enjoy the power of DIY, without all the fuss.

So after being tested by Beauty Experts and following extensive independent Lab-Testing
Ktchn Apothecary was born. 

Now in three easy steps and less than 10 minutes, anyone can make beauty better and experience the amazing results.