Our revitalizing formula.

We source the freshest, most powerful extracts. From organically grown Aloe Vera, to pure, 100% Cold-Pressed Oils.

Because we know that fresher, higher quality extracts means more beautiful skin.



0% Water • Vitamin & Antioxidant-rich • Up to 3X More Concentrated

Lab Tested. Beauty Expert Tested.


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Pure Aloe Vera
Renews skin, deeply hydrates, & firms
The ancient Egyptians called Aloe Vera the "plant of immortality". With over 75 Vitamins, Enzymes, Minerals, Amino Acids, & Salicylic Acid, Pure Aloe is known to renew skin, deeply hydrate, & firm skin's appearance.


Cold-Pressed Sweet Almond Oil
Reverses existing damage, smoothes fine lines & wrinkles
Almond Oil is rich in Vitamin E and known for it's amazing anti-aging properties. Almond oil is known to reduce the aging effects of UV sun exposure, to reverse existing damage, and to smooth fine lines & wrinkles.


Cold-Pressed Avocado Oil
Restores collagen density & elasticity to visibly firm and lift
Avocado oil is pressed from the fleshy pulp surrounding the avocado pit. It is rich in Linoleic Acid & Oleic Acid known to restore collagen density & elasticity, visibly firming and lifting skin. 


Cold-Pressed Apricot Kernel Oil
Enhances skin's moisture balance, firms & tones
Apricot Kernel Oil comes from the pit of the apricot fruit. It is rich in Gamma Linoleic Acid which is known to enhance the skin's moisture balance, firming & toning the skin.


Cold-Pressed Rosehip Oil
Corrects dark spots, evens complexion, & reduces fine lines
Harvested from the seed of the rose bush, the antioxidants found in Rosehip seed oil are known to rejuvenate the skin, correct dark spots, even complexion, & reduce the appearance of fine lines.


Pure Jojoba Oil
Restores elasticity & collagen, smoothes fine lines
The Jojoba plant (pronounced "ho-ho-ba") grows in the deserts of North America and produces an oil that's almost identical to the sebum produced by human skin. Jojoba Oil is a powerful antioxidant, rich in tocopherols known to restore elasticity & collagen, smoothing fine lines.


Cold-Pressed Carrot Seed Oil
Protects against the key signs of aging
From the seeds of wild Egyptian carrots, Carrot Seed Oil is high in Beta-Carotene and micro-nutrients which are known for their regenerative qualities protecting against the key signs of aging.


Essential Oil of Lavender
Evens tone & complexion
Harvested from fresh buds of the lavender plant, Lavender oil has been used since the Roman era to reduce irritation and normalize the skin's oil production, evening skin tone and complexion.


Powdered Oats
Improves skin texture & brightens complexion
Oats have been used since 2,000 BC for their soothing and calming powers. Filled with flavonoids and β-glucan, Powdered Oats are known for their amazing ability to improve skin texture & brighten complexion.


Natural Beeswax
Fortifies skin's moisture barrier & retains plumping hydration
Natural Beeswax is rich with pure esters and long-chain alcohols, creating a light, breathable layer that is known to fortify the skin's natural moisture barrier & retain plumping hydration.

Citrus fruit

Vitamin C
Re-texturizes skin & reduces visible signs of aging
An essential nutrient involved in tissue repair, Vitamin C is found in citrus fruit, tomatoes, red peppers, and potatoes. It is known to re-texturize skin & reduce visible signs of aging.

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All-Natural Vegetable Glycerine
Dramatically increases surface skin hydration
Derived from natural plant oils, Vegetable Glycerin is a humectant which is known to pull moisture from the air into the skin, dramatically increasing surface skin hydration.


Lactobacillus Ferment
Protects extract's potency
A probiotic based ingredient created by the fermentation of cabbage (like in kimchi) and coconuts, it is used as an all-natural, anti-microbial protecting up to 60 days of Revitalizing Facial Cream freshness.

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Gluten-Free Xanthan Gum
Ensures smooth, even application
A natural ingredient created through the fermentation of vegetables, Xanthan Gum gently binds our extracts to ensure a smooth, even application.


Potassium Sorbate
Protects for up to 60 days freshness
A salt extract which can be found naturally in berries, Potassium Sorbate provides protection from bacteria and mold and is widely used in wines, meats, and cheeses.