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It all started with a dog named George.

Have you ever read what’s in your skincare? Your answer is probably “no." Don’t worry. Until a few years ago, my answer was “no” too. 

Then one morning, right after applying a popular facial cream, my dog George jumped up and licked my face. Concerned, I wondered "What's in this product George just licked and will he be ok!" This led to a startling discovery: Skincare is cluttered with up to 75% Water, Chemicals, & Synthetics (like Plastic). 

Why? To extend its expiration date for up to 2 years. That sounded a lot like the story of packaged cake, cluttered with chemicals so it can sit on a grocery store shelf. (And we all know how much better fresh-made cake is.)

I decided my face (and George) deserved better than skincare cluttered with shelf-expiration focused ingredients and that I'd make more powerful skincare fresh at home.

After 2 years of skincare extract research, deconstructing premium facial cream formulas, testing 200+ clutter-free formulations, extensive independent Lab Testing, & Beauty Expert Testing, I had a facial cream formula that was not only clutter-free, but more powerful and worked better than any pharmacy or department store skincare I had ever applied.

My skin was visibly smoother and brighter. And everyone began to ask, "What have you done differently to your skin?"

So the Revitalizing Facial Cream Kit was born. And now more powerful skincare is in your hands.


Kevin & George